ROZANA SAHLAN has over 20 years of exposure to the real estate industry across real estate investments and constructions before entering in the property agent market. She holds a bachelor’s degree and is a dedicated professional. She is confident, empathetic and works from the heart. She believes that the value clients receive must be beyond and more than the service they pay for. You will feel assured and will be grateful for the experience once you have worked with her.

Rozana studied business marketing and her strength lies in opening-up markets. In the late 1980s, she introduced dimension stones like granites, marbles, slates and quartzite from India into the Asia construction markets. These stones are now widely used in the construction industry worldwide, and many of which still bear the brand names identified or created by Rozana. Her many years of experience in the dimension stones business included the management of a team responsible for marketing, branding and sales covering Asia, Australia, Europe and India.

Her passion in education saw Rozana opening the Malaysia market for various real estate investment and finance programmes to the real estate capital market in Asia for more than three years. She organised workshops for real estate professionals in the capital market space.

She also worked as a Director at Capital Hive Group, an investment company, and connected investors in her network in the region to the company.

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